Inter-cultural Transmission of Intellectual Traditions in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. A comparative perspective

We come from various disciplines of the humanities: philology, classical, medieval, early modern or Byzantine history, as well as the history of art. Our aim is to cross the boundaries of our own fields of study in order to focus on a phenomenon which occurs in every single culture we study: the reception, or transmission and reworking, of intellectual traditions. Given that our project meetings will be taking place in Poland, we are particularly interested in examining the reception of various intellectual traditions in medieval and early modern Polish culture.

We are PhD candidates or early career postdoctoral students who have just defended their dissertations. Our project is funded within the scheme of the Polish National Programme for the Development of Humanities and consists of two parts. First, we will be working together on a book which will contain articles examining particular cases of intercultural transmission –  a collection of in-depth studies analysing the mechanisms at work in this process of exchange. Secondly, we will organise an international conference in Warsaw in Fall 2012: we wish to invite young scholars from Poland and abroad who are interested in the comparative study of intercultural transmission of intellectual traditions to participate. 

The project supervised by Prof. Katarzyna Pachniak from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw. 

Coordinators of the project: Adam Izdebski, Damian JasiƄski